Monday, June 8, 2009


A man comes home with a brand new car. The whole family is looking at it. When the father says I will go to a big town next morning, his eldest son asks if he could go with him. So the next morning the father and the son go in the new car, the roads are empty and the man is driving very fast. A few kilometers from their starting point, suddenly a big truck appears just in front of them. The man cannot avoid it. There is an accident and both are seriously injured and are taken to the hospital. The surgeon arrives and says "I will not operate". Why does the surgeon say this? Now there can be many assumptions made that the child is already dead or that there was no one to sign etc. But the surgeon was the mother of the child.
Normally the image created of a surgeon is connected with a male and hence we cannot imagine the mother of the child to be there. We guess and imagine and that prevent us from having a right idea of what it is really.

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