Thursday, June 4, 2009

Changes in our life

Once there was a fish in a fish- tank. It used to swim and enjoy its life. A small boy used to come regularly to the fish-tank and drop some food in one corner of the tank. As soon as the fish would see the food coming down, it would rush to the corner and take food and swim off. One day the boy thought tranparent glass piece and put it in between the fish and the food and went on dropping the food, seeing the food the fish came and bumped itself against the glass and could not reach the food. It did not understand why it was not able to reach the food. It tried and tried and finally gave up and stopped going into the corner and kept swimming. The boy felt pity for the fish and removed the glass piece and went on dropping the food. The fish kept swimming seeing the food but not touching it. Meanwhile, another fish seeing the food came up , took the food and move off. One day the fish died. What , do you think? killed the fish? The fish never died out of starvation. It died out of experience.

Likewise we also working in a particular way and have developed certain patterns and we were successful before, but as time changes we are not willing to change our old styles. We put all efforts and try our lever best but cannot achieve the results. Somebody else comes, does the job in a simple way and achieves the result and moves forward. The challenge is to re-definne, re-invent and re-orient ourselves for the furture so that we can lead change creatively.

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