Monday, June 8, 2009

Self Motivation

A Person coming to work. On Friday evening when he is about to leave, if you ask him how does he feels? you will find that he is very enthusiastic and good mood happiness. When the same person comes to work on Monday morning mood even after a hectic day, in the evening,we ask him how he feels. When he is aware that the whole week will be the same, he feels tired, drained, exhausted and knows that he has to pull himself through the week.So what was the not there on Monday evening? Nobody motivated him on Friday. The motivation was from within.There was no incentive or appreciation from anyone which may be the basis of his motivation. On the contrary,during the weekend, he may have incurred more expenses to fulfill the demand of his family, but still he was happy.The basis of his motivation was that his heart is at home. If he can bring the same heart to the workplace he will be enthusiastic, and motivated.This one applies to responsibility and commitment.

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