Thursday, June 4, 2009

Meaning Of Life

Long ago when the Dilwara temple was being built two sculptors were cutting the stone and working on it. A wise old man was walking one day in search, of the meaning of life and of the lives of those with whom he shared this earth. Eventually he came across the two men who were working. He went up to a very tired hard-working man who was chipping away a huge stone. The old man asked him-"What are you doing my friend?" the man replied in a non-friendly way- "What does it look like! I've got to break this entire rock tillFont size evening ." The old man felt sorry that this man was so unhappy about his work, so moving on he came up to the other person doing exactly the same job as the first. But this man seemed so happy and contented - whistling away, working busily, so the old man asked him what are you doing my friend? The man looked up and smiled and replied "I am building a temple" Both men were doing the same job but the second one who clearly understood his purpose of work. So he was happy, enthusiastic and enjoying his work, while the first man who had no clear understanding about the purpose of his work was labouring in life , without enthusiasm, enjoyment and there was no job satisfaction. By the end of the day he was burnt out of energy.

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