Monday, June 8, 2009

Change in Us

Once there was a storm in the ocean and many ships were taken away from their normal course in another direction.There was a battleship which was also driven in another direction by the storm. When the storm calmed down at midnight, the captain of the ship asked one of his officers, to go on the deck and see in which direction they were and set the ship accordingly. The officer was so enthusiastic that he went up, saw the direction and changed the direction of their ship. Then he started looking around.Far off on the same course, he visualised a steady light, so he came down and informed the captain.The captain asked to send a message to the other ship, to change its direction 20 degrees. The officer sent the message, and an immediate flashing message came back saying, "It is advisable for you to change20 degrees." The officer gave the message to the captain, As soon as the captain got the message; he was angry and asked what did he think of himself, advising him to change 20 degrees. So the captain of the battleship asked the officer to send a message on him name. The officer sent another message accordingly that the captain of the battleship requests you to change 20 degrees immediately. An immediate flashing message came back saying: "i am a second class seaman speaking but still it is advisable for you to change 20 degrees." The captain was furious and asked his officer to tell him that it was a battleship and it could not change its course. An immediate flashing message came back: " But I am lighthouse. How can I change?"So when the understanding of the captain changed that it was a lighthouse which could not change, the captain of the battleship then changed his mind.
Moral of the story: We always expect others to change. we can change us easily comparing to change others.

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